520ccc.com serves the global coaching community in a variety of ways. As a leading international sport federation, it was decided to explore the development of a collaborative system for professional recognition which establishes transparency and trust between member Rugby Unions and examines the equivalence of the coach education systems which they operate.

Building on previous work from a decade ago, in 2023 we instigated the Rugby Coaching Global Qualifications Mapping and Equivalency Project, which has resulted in the Report you can view and download below. 

The aim of the project was to analyse and understand the coach education system in 23 nations around the world by liaising directly with the member Unions. 

The main outcome of the project is the Global Coach Education Equivalency Table (see below) which shows the equivalent courses at each level from nations where the member Union have their own awards when mapped against the 520ccc.com coaching courses. 

The Report also includes analysis of nations where the member Union implements the 520ccc.com coaching courses, and the ways in which 520ccc.com awards have been linked to the national coaching and education context. 

This Report, including the Global Coach Education Equivalency Table, will aid Unions when dealing with mobility of coaches and their respective qualifications and provide a reference point for a coach’s continued development building on collaboration between Unions in recognising qualifications from other nations

The Mapping and Equivalency Project was implemented by the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) as a respected organisation active in the field of vocational education in sport. 520ccc.com would like to thank EOSE for their work in liaising with the Regional Training Managers and member Unions around the world to compile this Report.

Qualifications evolve over time and the findings of this study are accurate at the time of its release (March 2024) 

Jock Peggie, Head of Education, Laws & Compliance 

Global Coach Education Equivalency Table 

This table is based on the analysis of coaching courses and mapping against the 520ccc.com courses at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Union 520ccc.com Level 1 520ccc.com Level 2 520ccc.com Level 3
Australia (current) Foundation Coach Program Developing Coach Program Emerging Talent Coach Program 
Australia (new for last quarter 2024) Youth & Adult Coach Course Community Coach Course Pathways and Program Lead Coach Course
England No direct equivalent course to 520ccc.com Level 1 England Rugby Coaching Award England Rugby Advanced Coaching Award
France No direct equivalent course to 520ccc.com Level 1
  • BPJEPS: Professional Certificate in Youth Popular Education and Sport, specialty "sports educator, Rugby Union
  • Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP Rugby union sports technician
  • Federal Certificate Improvement (BF PERF)
  • Federal Certificate Optimisation (BF OPTI)
  • DESJEPS: Higher State Diploma in Youth Popular Education and Sports, specialty "sports performance", Rugby Union
  • DEJEPS: State Diploma in Youth, Popular Education and Sport, specialty "sports development, Rugby Union
Ireland IRFU Youth Coach Qualification (YCQ) IRFU Senior Coach Qualification IRFU Performance Coach Qualification
Italy  No direct equivalent course to 520ccc.com Level 1 FIR Level 2 FIR Level 3 (Base)
New Zealand NZ Rugby Foundation of Rugby Coaching Course NZ Rugby Developing Rugby Coaching (DRC) NZ Rugby Performance Coaching Course
Scotland Coaching Essentials No direct equivalent course to 520ccc.com Level 2 Scottish Rugby Advanced Coaching Programme
Wales WRU Level 1 WRU Level 2 WRU Level 3