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Welcome to the Medical section of the website, designed for all the rugby family, players, coaches, officials, medical staff and the general public alike.

Welcome to the Medical section of the website, designed for all the rugby family, players, coaches, officials, medical staff and the general public alike. We work to make the game as enjoyable, safe and beneficial as possible for all stakeholders. 

Our concussion section contains guidance, education and management information. There are also education modules available for the general population, medical staff and elite match-day medical staff.

Our injury-management section provides information on injury prevention measures (including player load) and injury surveillance. The Mindset module is a resource for doctors and medical staff to identify and direct treatment for those struggling with mental health issues.

We also include all of’s published research and COVID guidelines.

Medical Education Modules
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Concussion Education
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On-Field Care Education
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Player Welfare Player Welfare Symposium hears how new data could form the basis of updated contact training load guidelines’s 2023 Player Welfare Symposium has heard how the international federation is planning on using new data to start to re-examine rugby’s contact training load guidelines. A funded study involving elite players in England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa using both smart mouthguards and saliva biomarker technology is being used for the first time to look closely at forces on the head which do not directly lead to concussions.
Wed 24 May, 2023
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Player Welfare opens 2023 player welfare research funding application process has today launched its 2023 call for applications to fund research projects with the aim of promoting evidence-based enhancements in player welfare priority areas, including concussion. Research funded by has seen the game benefit from a greater breadth of sport specific research into player welfare than any other sport.
Tue 7 February, 2023
· 1 min read
Australia v New Zealand - O'Reilly Cup

Player Welfare

Rugby World Cup 2021 to set new benchmark for player welfare

Rugby World Cup 2021 will kick off this week, with the best rugby players in the world, supported by the most advanced player welfare standards ever delivered at a rugby event.  Player welfare is’s number one priority and the international federation is using the tournament to help improve the level of rugby specific, academic research on head impacts in the women.
Thu 6 October, 2022
· 2 min read
New Zealand v Namibia - Rugby World Cup 2019: Group B

Player Welfare moves to aid the flow of the game by trialling limits on non-playing personnel

The Council has approved a global trial limiting the opportunity for non-playing personnel to enter the field of play during a match. Operational for all competitions and stand-alone matches starting after 1 July 2022, the trial aims to improve the flow of matches by reducing unnecessary stoppages without compromising welfare.
Tue 17 May, 2022
· 3 min read
Saracens v Newcastle Falcons - Gallagher Premiership Rugby

Player Welfare

Have your say on welfare-focused rugby law trials is giving everyone involved in the game the chance to have their say on the welfare-driven global law trials which have taken place over the last nine months. A survey is now live giving fans, players, officials and anyone else with an interest in the game a chance to make your voice heard. The questionnaire will remain available until 28 March.
Wed 23 March, 2022
· 2 min read
Tue 21 June, 2022
Return to play after a concussion in elite rugby