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Player Welfare’s Player Welfare strategy is to put the player first and to rely on an evidence-based approach for all decisions.

The Player Welfare site has information on the policies and procedures use across the sport, whether it’s the surface being played on, the equipment being used or prevention and treatment of injuries. The guidelines cover both playing and medical aspects of the game.

Some of the research that was used in this decision-making process is also available. are always looking to add to the information available to make the game as safe as possible for all, if you have any suggestions please let us know.

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  • Wed 5 July, 2023
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  • Tue 21 June, 2022
Return to play after a concussion in elite rugby

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Player Welfare Player Welfare Symposium hears how new data could form the basis of updated contact training load guidelines’s 2023 Player Welfare Symposium has heard how the international federation is planning on using new data to start to re-examine rugby’s contact training load guidelines. A funded study involving elite players in England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa using both smart mouthguards and saliva biomarker technology is being used for the first time to look closely at forces on the head which do not directly lead to concussions.
Wed 24 May, 2023
· 2 min read
Tue 21 June, 2022
Return to play after a concussion in elite rugby